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MedGear Low Grip Tub Assisting Bar

MedGear Low Grip Tub Assisting Bar
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MedGear Bath Safety Products

  • Low Grip Tub Assisting Bar
  • Anti-slip grip aluminum tubing
  • Fits most standard bath tubs
  • Wrench included for installation
  • Clamp pads to protect tubs from scratching
  • Grip height above the tub: 5.9"
    Bar length: 17.1"
    Clamp width range: 3.6" - 5.8"
  • Glued rubber pads on clamps to prevent slipping & increase stability
  • Max weight supported: 250 lbs

CCI MedGear Bath Safety Products Brochure

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The mailbox I received was exactly what I needed. The best part was when I ordered it they said it was a special order and would take two to three weeks. When I asked if there was anyway to get it sooner, they sent me their display model. THANK YOU!!  - Dave