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Professional Concrete and Masonry Tools

Construction Concepts International provides competitive pricing on a variety of construction equipment. Don't be ignored by other, email, or fax us and within 24 hours a member of our staff will be in contact with you (yes, a real human being!). No matter what your job requires CCI is here to help you get the answers you need so you can find the right tool for the job.

CCI offers a variety of tools including rebar cutters, rebar benders, power mixers, power cutters, pneumatic air tools, pneumatic nail guns, pneumatic sprayers, low-voltage enclosures, generators, concrete vibrators, hand tools and more. In addition CCI also offers replacement parts, parts breakdowns and troubleshooting help for many if not most of the power tools we offer.


#9 / #8 BN Products Rebar Bender / Cutter Combo

#9 / #8 BN Products Rebar Bender / Cutter Combo

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BN Products USA Rebar Tools

  • Bend Up To #9 (1-1/8", 29 mm) Grade 60 Rebar
  • Cut Up To #8 (1", 25 mm) Grade 60 Rebar
  • Bending Speed - 8 Seconds (180 degrees), Cutting Speed - 5 Seconds
  • Combination of DBD-32X Rebar Bender and DC-25X Rebar Cutter
  • Includes Foot Pedal Control Switch For Hands Free Operation
  • Toggle Switch Allows For Easy Change Between Cutting or Bending
  • Standard GFI Plug Safety Feature
  • Ships Complete With BCSE-32X Stand (some assembly required) and Bending Roller Set (7 pc) In Two Steel Carrying Cases

DBC-3225 | This is an essential combination rebar cutter and bender. It simply combines the DBD-32X bender and the DC-25X rebar cutter both together on a stationary stand. The important advantage to owning this combination unit is that the rebar cutter can be simply removed and used in a portable application or locked into a stationary position and then operated by the foot pedal switch. The other advantage is production, the bender table is at the ideal working height and cutter can be used independently from the rebar bender. The DBD- 32X bends rebar from 0-180 degrees. This combination unit is made up of three components; the bender, the cutter, and the BCSE-32X combination stand with electrical outlet (some assembly required). One year parts and labor warranty.

Model No.   DBC-3225
Maximum Rebar Size   #9 (1-1/8", 32 mm) Grade 60 - Bending
#8 (1", 25 mm) Grade 60 - Cutting
Bending Speed   8 seconds (180 degrees)
Cutting Speed   5 seconds
Power Supply   115 V, 50/60 Hz
(12 Amp - Cutter, 12 Amp - Bender)
Total Weight   482 lbs (219 kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H)   23" x 27" x 37.25"


Rebar Size Center Roller Moving Roller # Bent at One Time
#9 or 1-1/8" (32 mm) No. 5 No. 2 1 piece
#8 or 1" (25 mm) No. 5 No. 3 1 piece
#7 or 7/8" (22 mm) No. 5 No. 3 1 piece
#6 or 3/4" (20 mm) No. 4 No. 3* 2 pieces
#5 or 5/8" (16 mm) No. 3 No. 5 2 pieces
#4 or 1/2" (13 mm) No. 2 No. 6 3 pieces
#3 or 3/8" (10 mm) No. 1 No. 7 4 pieces

* Use a second No. 4 Roller on moving roller to produce 180 degree bends

Bending Roller Sizes for DBD-32X Only
Roller#  (Part#) Outside Diameter
No. 1  (#1BR7090)  1.95" 
No. 2  (#1BR7091) 2.73"
No. 3  (#1BR70931) 3.50"
No. 4  (#1BR70941) 4.31"
No. 5  (#1BR70951) 5.06"
No. 6  (#1BR70961) 6.13"
No. 7  (#1BR7097) 7.44"

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