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LTM Concrete DUALLY Rebar Support (Carton of 100)

LTM Concrete Dually Rebar Support (Carton of 100)
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LTM Concrete Rebar Supports

  • The DUALLY, a revoltuionary new rebar support
  • Supports rebar at 7 different heights
  • Clips work with #3-#6 rebar, but it can support up to #12 at 2"
  • Vertical and Horizontal applications
  • Can hold rebar perpendicular to your foundation
  • Wide base plate works on any surface
  • Durable, lightweight, non-corrosive polypropylene construction
  • Carton of 100
  • Made in the USA

The DUALLY | The DUALLY is a revolutionary new rebar support from LTM Concrete. Initially intended to replace two common rebar support chairs, the folks using the DUALLY have reported more than a dozen practical applications. Perhaps we named it too soon! Cut back on the number of supports you carry to each site, and on overall job costs, with the DUALLY.

Part No.   Height   Width   Depth   Qty / Ctn
D520-000   2-3/4"   3-1/2"   2-3/4"   100

LTM Concrete Dually Rebar Support  
Sitting Down

When positioned on its broadest surface, DUALLY can position a #3-#4 rebar at 1-1/2" and a #3-#6 rebar at 2" simultaneously.

LTM Concrete Dually Rebar Support   Standing Up

Turned upright, the DUALLY will hold rebar snugly at both 2-1/2" and 3" heights. No need to carry different size chairs to the job site anymore.

LTM Concrete Dually Rebar Support

Laid down, DUALLY will support any gauge rebar or mesh up to #11 at a height of 2" or 2-1/8". DUALLY is the most versatile support around.

LTM Concrete Dually Rebar Support

In The Air

DUALLY even handles vertical applications. Just snap it in place to hold #3-#4 rebar perpendicular to your foundation.

LTM Concrete Dually Rebar Support

Side By Side

When you're pushing for durability, go ahead and double it up. DUALLY can handle the extra work; the clips work for #3-#6 rebar.

LTM Concrete Dually Rebar Support


Need to get into a tight corner? No problem. DUALLY can hold your rebar wherever you want it.

LTM Concrete Dually Rebar Support

Old Standby

Sometimes you just want what you've always had. Well, DUALLY can handle single rebar applications too. Just snap it in place and go.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Although the original product I ordered was on back order for several months I was able instead to get larger model and was able to use it yesterday for the first time and it worked fantastic. With 2 different gear settings and a variable speed control on the handle it allows someone to mix in many different ways.  - Tyler