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RE-GRIP Small Replacement Grip

RE-GRIP Small Replacement Grip
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RE-GRIP Replacement Grips

  • Replacement grip for smaller handles .58" to 1.1"
  • Comfortable grip improvement ideal for screw drivers, ratchets, brooms, small rakes and shovels, hairbrushes, mini flashlights, socket wrenches, etc
  • Easy to install and non-slip for better control and safety
  • Helps prevent blisters and protects products against UV rays
  • Makes old tools feel like new
  • Ergonomic design relaxes grip and reduces muscle fatigue
  • Provides a hermetical seal
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Grip Length - 7"

RE-GRIP PN36-7 | RE-GRIP improves the handle grip on a variety of cylindrical and semi cylindrical objects such as Hand Tools, Construction Tools, Hammers, Wrenches, Axes, Picks, Shovels, Rakes, Sports Equipment, Levers, Flashlights, Handle Bars, Auto Tools, Wheel Barrows, and more. Some of today's tools come with grips that are formed of soft material for comfort, but they tend to fail long before the tool breaks. Some grips are formed of a harder material to be more durable but those grips generally sacrifice comfort. Replacement and supplementary grips are uncommon because handles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and because replacing a handle is generally a difficult process. Some replacement grips are available but tend to be very specific to a particular handle and application. Others are cheap and a pain to install.

With its patent pending design, RE-GRIP provides a simple, economical method of improving and enhancing a handle grip. RE-GRIP helps prevent blisters and protects products against damaging UV rays. It is easy to install and non-slip for better control and safety. It's so affordable you can re-grip just about everything!

Part #   PN36-7
Fit Over Clearance   1.3"
Shrink Range   0.63" to 1.3"
Recommended Minimum
Outside Diameter
Recommended Maximum
Outside Diameter
Grip Length   7"

RE-GRIP Replacement Grip Installation Instructions 


1. Select proper size RE-GRIP based on recommended diameter size

2. Place RE-GRIP tube over item with pull tab at open end of item being RE-GRIPPED and pull in direction of the PULL ARROW

3. Hold RE-GRIP in the desired starting position with one hand and carefully pull cord to unwind coil with the other hand

4. Make sure to locate the RE-GRIP in the desired position once the top few coils unwind and the grip begins to shrink 
(note - the grip will not be able to be moved once all of the coil is pulled and the entire grip shrinks)

5. Hold RE-GRIP in position until it has shrunk firmly onto the item by pulling remaining cord

6. Excess RE-GRIP can be cut for the perfect fit

 RE-GRIP Handle Sizing Image

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I could not believe just how quiet this compressor is -- the several that preceeded could be heard not only in the studio but in the gallery which annoyed our customers no end! This one cannot be heard beyond about 8-10 feet!  - Richard