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#10 (1-1/4") Gensco Heavy-Duty Rebar Bender with DCP

#10 (1-1/4") Gensco Heavy-Duty Rebar Bender with DCP
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Gensco Equipment, Inc

  • Bend Up To #10 (1-1/4", 32 mm) Grade 60 Rebar
  • Heavy-Duty Rotary Table Bender with Digital Control Panel
  • Single Speed @ 10 rpm
  • Simple, Single Angle Pre-Set Through Pin Placement
  • Foot Pedal Control
  • Close Coupled Motor/Gearbox For Increased Power and Reduced Maintenance
  • Dual Adjustable Retaining Rails
  • Full Set of Pins, Rollers, and Tooling For All Standard Bending and Stirrup Production
  • Full Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Continuous Table Rotation
  • Digital Control Panel features easy to read LED lights, memory for up to 99 bar shapes (up to 10 angles each), auto sequencing of bends, bar counter, and digital angle entry with easy +/- angle adjustment
  • Machine Weight Approx. 1100 lbs

Delivery Time Approximately 6 weeks

Over eighty-five years..... enough time to develop a loyal customer base and valuable sources of supply throughout the world.  Most importantly, a reputation for honesty, knowledge and fairness across a range of industries.  Simply put, GENSCO Equipment has supplied a wide range of goods and services to countless large and small companies. Started in 1919, GENSCO maintains a complete manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada plus a warehouse and sales office near Atlanta, Georgia USA. In addition to manufacturing partnerships with highly respected companies worldwide, GENSCO takes pride in a huge distribution and dealer networks which covers every continent.  Whether it's equipment for scrap processors, steel mills, rebar fabricators, building supply houses, electrical switchgear manufacturers or electrical contractors, Gensco has the equipment you need.

Model No.   LRB40 DCP
Max. Rebar Size   #10 (1-1/4", 32 mm) Grade 60
Electrics   220 V or other 3-Phase
50/60 Hz
Power   4 hp
Speed   10 rpm
# of Preset Angles   1
Adjusting Rails   2
Dimensions (Approx.)   46" x 31" x 35"
Weight (Approx.)   1100 lbs

Rebar Size   # of Bars At One Time
#3 (3/8", 10 mm)   6
#4 (1/2", 12 mm)   5
#5 (5/8", 16 mm)   5
#6 (3/4", 20 mm)   4
#8 (1", 25 mm)   3
#10 (1-1/4", 32 mm)   1


» Memory For Bar Shapes
» Automatic Sequencing of Bends in Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise Rotation
» 99 Bar Shapes Each Up To 10 Angles
» Bar Counter
» Digital Angle Entry with +/- Angle Adjustment


» Table Rotates Continuously 360 Degrees In Both Directions
» You Can Set 180 Degrees Or More
» Bars Are Bent Around A Changeable Center Roll(s) To Whatever Degree Is Pre-set
» Tables Rotate In Either Direction, So Bars Can Enter From Either Side
» Allows For Use Of Optional Spiral and Hoop Attachments For Continuous Rolling Of Spirals, Arcs, and Hoops

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After 30 minutes of web search I found CCI, and the exact item I needed. What is even better, the price was excellent, and the service was exceptional, received it in 4 days 3 states away, I will be back!  - Eric