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4" BN Products WR650 Swirl Row Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel, Threaded Arbor

4" BN Products WR650 Swirl Row Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel, Threaded Arbor

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BN Products USA Rebar Tools

  • 4" Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel
  • Swirl Row Design with Threaded Arbor
  • Dynamically Balanced to reduce vibration for longer machine life and added safety
  • Safety Standard EN13236 compliant
  • Excellent for use on Concrete or Stone

Since 1979, the Marcrist Company in the United Kingdom has designed and sold diamond blades for the European market. Their innovative designs and patented features helped them to become one of the largest diamond blade suppliers in Europe, leading the industry in both Switzerland and Germany. Marcrist is now offering their blades in the USA through a joint venture called BN Products USA. They have made their blades available for purchase through our distribution website.

Blade Size   4"
Arbor Size   5/8" (11 mm) Threaded
Grinding Pattern   Swirl Row
Features   Safety Standard EN13236
Dynamically Balanced
Shipping Dimensions   4.25" x 4.25" x 2"
Shipping Weight   3.0 lbs

BN Products Grinding Wheel Technologies
BN Products USA diamond products comply with every known safety standard worldwide.

BN Products USA grinding cup wheels are dynamically balanced to a maximum allowable tolerance of 50 g/mm. This reduces vibration giving both extended machine life and improved operator safety.

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Great deal on some very nice equipment. i was able to save over 600.00 by purchasing from construction concepts on our first order! i am quite sure we will be doing more business in the very near future. Trent C. Nichols Facilities Manager Interglobal-Inc.  - trent