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1/2" x 2-3/4" Sanko Hammer Drive Strike Anchor (Box of 30)

1/2" x 2-3/4" Sanko Hammer Drive Strike Anchor (Box of 30)
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Sanko Fastem Concrete Anchors

  • 1/2" x 2-3/4" C-Type Hammer Drive Anchor
  • Save time, no special tools required
  • Depth of hole is not critical, no depth gauge required
  • No torque wrench is required to set, simply drive pin flush with top for positive anchor setting
  • High strength steel with greater leg expansion ensures a firmer gripping contact than an anchor made from other metals such as lead
  • Other anchor styles rise when tightening the nut, requiring a longer anchor to provide the same load value.
  • Easy to inspect
  • Center pin is designed not to break
  • Landed Price: $0.87 / anchor

| This hammer drive anchor from Sanko features a hardened center pin that is driven through the center to expand the anchor. It includes a nut and washer that can be set to various depths. It is easy to install because the depth of the hole is not critical and no special tool is required. Just hammer the pin in and the anchor tensions itself automatically. The anchor is set when the center pin is flush with the top of the bolt making it easy to inspect.

Screw Thread   1/2"
Thread Length   1"
Outside Diameter x Length   1/2" x 2-3/4"
Drill Bit Diameter   1/2"
Embedment Depth   2"
Tension Load   4,255 lbs
Shear Load   5,556 lbs
Box Quantity   30 pcs
Carton Quantity   240 pcs

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I bought a bnr 1839 drywall sander as am remodeling my house and this tool made my life easier to get the job done . I had looked at many others but nothing compares to this one at all . It’s light and the functionality of it great and to be able to make way less of a mess than just your ordinary sander. I recommend this company they are very fast on sending you your product. Plus great people to work with as I needed something added to my order so I called them up and they added it so I got all my products at once thank you again keep up the great work construction concepts international  - Corey