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Construction Concepts International provides competitive pricing on a variety of construction equipment. Don't be ignored by other, email, or fax us and within 24 hours a member of our staff will be in contact with you (yes, a real human being!). No matter what your job requires CCI is here to help you get the answers you need so you can find the right tool for the job.

CCI offers a variety of tools including rebar cutters, rebar benders, power mixers, power cutters, pneumatic air tools, pneumatic nail guns, pneumatic sprayers, low-voltage enclosures, generators, concrete vibrators, hand tools and more. In addition CCI also offers replacement parts, parts breakdowns and troubleshooting help for many if not most of the power tools we offer.


PRO-STRAP Safety Sure Ties (2-pack)

PRO-STRAP Safety Sure Ties (2-pack)
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PS Products Pro-Strap Professional Tie Down

  • Pro-Strap Carabiner-Style Sure Ties
  • Package of 2
  • Caribiner clips keep the anchor point locked in and cargo secure
  • Uniquely designed so no metal parts ever touch your cargo
  • Heavy-duty nylon construction for ultimate strength
  • Tested under extreme weather conditions
  • Designed by a contractor, for contractors
  • Made in the USA

Get rid of your S-hooks and protect your bike with our carabiner-style clips. Tested under extreme weather conditions, the Pro-Strap won't stretch or tear and is a smart alternative to bungee cords, wire, and rope.

PS Proudcts Pro-Strap Made in America

What is it?
A tie-down that will never come unhooked and works on oversized bars.

What does it do?
Tie-downs have been around forever. Some are thick and some are thin, but they all have S-style hooks on the ends. No more! Pro-Strap Sure Ties dump traditional design for carabiner-style safety hooks. No metal parts will ever touch your bike, ATV, or UTV. A nylon strap loops over your handlebars and a second carabiner hooks the strap back to itself. If it sounds ingenious, it's because it is.

What features stand out?

  • Craftsmanship - The nylon straps are plenty strong and the carabiners open easily, so you won't have any trouble hooking them to your truck or bike.
  • Length - Even if you have a big truck with one bike positioned all the way to one side, these tie-downs are guaranteed to be long enough.
  • Safety - Everyone has heard horror stories of hitting a bump on the freeway and having a tie-down pop off and a bike fly out. This will never happen with Pro-Strap Sure Ties. The carabiners cannot come loose, no matter how big the bump or pothole.
  • Protection - If you own aluminum, custom, or expensive handlebars, you already know that the standard issue S-hooks on most tie-downs don't work very well. Not only do you have to slide the hook around to get it to fit the oversized handlebars, you often end up with unwanted scratches. The Pro-Strap eliminates the need for carrying any extra parts and guarantees no scratching with its self-contained nylon straps.

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