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LTM Concrete 1/2" Coil Protector (Carton of 300)

LTM Concrete 1/2" Coil Protector  (Carton of 300)
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LTM Concrete Rebar Supports

  • 1/2" Coil Protectors
  • Composed of extra tough polymers for durability
  • Special coating prevents breakage during removal
  • Delivers an exceptional success rate - over 1,000 field tests without failing once!
  • Extraction tool fits snugly and can be used with any 3/4" wrench
  • Coil Protector intended for single use only
  • Made in the USA
  • Landed price of $0.836 / unit
  • Ships 300 per Carton

Part No.   CP520-050
CP620-000 (Extraction Tool)
Diameter   1/2"
N/A (Extraction Tool)
Head   2"
Length   2-1/4"
N/A (Extraction Tool)
Quantity (per Carton)   300

LTM Concrete Plastic Solutions 
For years the concrete industry has been forced to use a coil protector with a failure rate near 50%.

Don't waste any more time drilling out the remnants of a weaker part! Our coil protectors are composed of extra-tough polymers and are engineered superior to the competition. Plus, each coil protector is specially coated to assist removal whenever you're ready. Our snug fitting extraction tool is equally sturdy and offers maximum torque at the end of any 3/4" wrench. It doesn't get easier than this.

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I ordered your stucco sprayer when I found the local rental places did not carry them. After researching various sprayers online I chose yours and was very pleased with how well it worked. My Mother is also pleased with the way her basement wall looks now. The CFB is no longer showing on the outside of her home.  - Greg