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K760 Cut-n-Break (Item No. 967195701)

9" Husqvarna Gas Cut-n-Break Saw

9" Husqvarna Gas Cut-n-Break Saw
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Husqvarna Construction Products

  • An intuitive, economical and versatile power cutter for anyone that needs to cut up to 16" deep
  • Specially developed, twin 9" blades provide high cutting speed and power.
  • Active Air Filtration centrifugal air cleaning in three stages, extends product life and service intervals.
  • SmartCarb, built-in automatic filter compensation, maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.
  • EasyStart provides 50% easier starts
  • DuraStarter reduces wear on the starter
  • Purchase includes wet cutting kit, breaking tool, and (1) set of EL35CnB blades (a $400 value in total)

K760 Cut-n-Break | The new K760 Cut-n-Break features an entirely new cutting method for cuts as deep as 16" (400 mm) at a very economical tooling cost. The K760 Cut-n-Break has a wide range of applications. It eliminates over-cutting on all types of openings requiring square corners. Precision openings for doors, windows, HVAC ductwork, pipes and more can be economically made using the Cut-n-Break system. The design of the power head is based on one of the most popular cut-off saws in the industry, the K760 Active. This means the engine has all the classic Partner benefits, such as the revolutionary Active Air Filtration™ filter system, the SmartCarb™ carburetor, EasyStart™, sealed transmission and a lot more. The new K760 Cut-n-Break is easy to use and maintain with low tooling and maintenance costs.

»  Each cut can be up to 2-1/2" deep and 3/4" wide.
»  The twin blades form a core in the saw cut.
 The core is simply broken away using the breaking tool included with purchase.
 When the core has broken away, repeat until the required cutting depth is achieved (max 16").

Engine   Air-Cooled 2-Stroke
Displacement   74 cc
Power   5 hp
Depth of Cut   16"
Blade Capacity   9"
Blade Speed   5,400 rpm
Fuel Capacity   .95 qt (.9 L)
 Warranty   3 months
Shipping Dimensions   40" x 14" x 10"
Shipping Weight (No fuel)   30 lbs

Husqvarna K760 X-Torq Technology
Engines with X-Torq produces 75% less emissions, 20% lower fuel consumption and more power.
Husqvarna K760 Active Air Filtration   Active Air Filtration
This new generation of Active Air Filtration is one of the most efficient air filtration systems on the market, delivering operational times (for dry cutting) of up to one year with no filter service required.

  • »  Adjustment to openings
  • »  Blocks, curbstones, and pavers 
  • »  Cast concrete
  • »  Deep cutting
  • »  Floors and walls
  • »  Grooves
  • »  Pipe Trenches
  • »  Pipes

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