Small Portable Generators for Weekend Projects


When it comes to weekend projects it may not always be possible to have a huge generator that could power an entire home on hand, that is where small portable generators come in handy. Portable generators are perfect for just about any weekend project you could ever imagine for a few different reasons and knowing just why these generators are handy may help you decide to use one for your next project.


The first and most obvious benefit is that these smaller generators can be carted around from site to site without having to have a huge truck or moving van to do so. Portable generators are almost always small enough that they can fit into the trunk of a standard sized sedan or the back seat which means that you do not have to have any special equipment to move them and they can be moved around the site so that you can get the power you need without having to worry. These portable generators are easy to move, easy to store, and can be used at just about any job site or weekend project site to provide you with the power you need.

More Powerful Than You Think

Another benefit is that these generators are far more powerful than you might imagine. The BNG5000 for instance is a generator, that while still very portable, is rated for 5000 watts. This gas generator can also accommodate GFCI receptacles and is perfect for just about any project. There are now more generators that are rated to put out more power than their predecessors so that you can get the same power as a larger generator without having to shell out thousands for one. These generators have more efficient technology than ever before and can provide you with the power you need to get your jobs done without having to buy a bigger generator.


Another benefit is that these generators are less expensive than you might think. This means that you can afford to have one of these generators on hand and that you can afford to buy one for your home and for your weekend use. The technology in these generators are now more advanced than ever before and therefore cheaper than they may have been ten years ago when the technology was relatively new. These generators are inexpensive enough that you can use them and buy them for every day or weekend use which makes them perfect for weekend projects.

Provides Power to Areas Without Power

Another benefit is that small portable generators are going to provide energy to areas of your project or your project site that may not have power. Say for instance you are working on putting up new lights in your home. The electricity to your home is going to be shut off for safety reasons so having a portable generator allows you to still have the power to your tools and to your work lights so that you can get your work done quickly and easily which makes for a very beneficial use of these generators. Portable generators help you to get power where there may not be any which means you can get your projects started and completed in a timely manner.

Ease of Use

The last benefit is that these generators are easier to use than you might imagine. With a quick start and efficient power that runs all day and keeps your tools and your current flowing, you can have the power you want without having to figure out how to keep the generator going, without having to start it over and over again, and without having to go to great lengths to get the generator going. This means that just about anyone is going to be able to use the generator so you don’t have to have any special knowledge or any special skills to be able to use this generator.

Generators, especially the portable kind, are perfect for weekend projects because they take something that can be complicated like electricity and supplying power to your work site and they simplify it. Portable generators are going to allow for great ease of use, for a power source that moves with you, and for a power source that is going to meet the needs of just about any project you could imagine making them perfect for just about any project that you might have. Portable generators make any job easier and are going to keep working and keep you working so that you can get your weekend projects done quicker and easier than ever before.