DIY Home Renovation Projects for 2016


DIY home renovation projects can be trying but they do not have to be impossible. Though a total home renovation in one weekend is out of the question, there are a few different projects that you can tackle in a couple of days that will make your home look instantly better and that will help you to feel great about your home. These three easy weekend remodels are all you need to have a home that looks like it is worth a million dollars.

Kitchen Backsplash Remodel

The hardest part about this remodel will be choosing which tile you like best for your new backsplash. The first step is of course to choose what tile you are going to use. Larger tiles make your space look more open while smaller tiles can bring a space together. The colors you choose are also important. Lighter colors are going to make the room appear bigger while darker colors are going to bring the room in. After you choose your tile, if you have never tiled before you should talk with someone that can direct you to the correct type of grout, plaster, and tools that you will need to complete the job.

After you have your supplies, you can start on the demolition. Take down the old back splash and make sure you do as much as you can to remove the old plaster and glue so that you have a smooth surface to work with. After that, lay out your pattern and follow the instructions for installation on both the tile and the grout and plaster that you use. This process will likely take two or three days max but will make your home look great.

Small Bathroom Remodel

You can do things like replace a vanity, add a great new paint color, redo the floors, or even add mirrors and other great additions to your bathroom to update it. If you are thinking of a total remodel you may want to first think about what exactly you want your new bathroom to look like. It is always smart to consult with someone that can tell you just what tools and products you need so that you will not be left out in the dark. The first step once you get your products and finishes together is to shut off the water, no one wants a flooded bathroom, and start demolition.

Demolition will likely take an entire day and may take more if the bathroom is on the larger side. It is best to do a full demolition and remove all the unnecessary pieces before you ever even open the first box of your new items. Starting with a blank canvas is going to give you the best results. After that you want to install things that are not going to move like toilets and vanities first then work on floors and walls. If you are worried that you may get paint on your new items you can always paint first. It may be helpful to make a list first to get your process down pat. This renovation will take at the very least two days and may roll over into another day but is well worth all the work.

Organizational Remodel

Not feeling the whole rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty? That’s completely fine. There are things you can do that do not require any demo or installation at all. Try re-organizing your things for a de-cluttered, fresh look. A great way to start this process is to take the time to choose the area that bothers you most. Say you have an office that just collects too much junk, you can clean it up quickly with some great tubs, shelves, and organizational tools. This will also give you the chance to get rid of things you no longer use, donate some items, and even get rid of things that are not useful to you anymore for a much better organized space.

Using pre-fabricated organizational tools is a great way to really get your space together as they are designed to help those with organizational issues get their stuff organized. These storage options often allow you to place items that are similar together, allow you to get items up and off the floor, and allow for a quick organization that will help you find things as you need them quickly. Organization is a quick way to free up space and make your life neater than ever before.

These are all easy renovations that can make a huge difference in your home and that can make you feel like a real do it yourselfer.