Understanding Concrete Cutting Safety

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When cutting concrete, there are a variety of safety procedures that you must follow to ensure not only a safe environment, but also efficiency in your concrete cutting project. From understanding the basic tools that are needed for concrete cutting, to cutting techniques, it is essential to approach cutting concrete with precision and safety. Here's a quick look at the types of concrete saws to choos Read More →

Summer Safety Tips for Construction Contractors

Contractor Resources,Safety| Posted by Admin | June 17, 2015

The construction industry has one of the highest risks of fatal injuries. Risks include, but are not limited to falls, trench or scaffold collapse, electric shock or blast, and failure to use the proper personal protective equipment. Other risks include not knowing how to use your tools, or bending and cutting something such as rebar or reinforcing steel without using proper tools or taking precaution Read More →

Effective Concrete Sawing Techniques

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The best concrete saws are durable, flexible and effective, and many heavy duty saws are outfitted for construction, municipal and industrial cutting. If you’re considering concrete sawing, understanding the tool’s benefits is important. Concrete is tough, but an effective saw gets the job done easily. The Basics: What are Your Needs? Before you engage in heavy construction, browsing concrete saws c Read More →

The Importance of Correct Drywall Surfacing

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Within both commercial and home construction projects, proper drywall surfacing (and resurfacing) is an important step to ensuring your walls are solid, smooth and strong. Many times, drywall needs to be surfaced because contractors are planning on installing a surface on top of it, from backsplash to tile to even a new coat of paint. Old sections of drywall can be particularly challenging to resurfac Read More →

Clean Out: When to Replace Cutters, Pliers and Other Hand Tools

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professional construction hand tools and replacement tools

Clean Out: When to Replace Cutters, Pliers and Other Hand Tools It can be difficult to know when the time has come to replace your trusty toolset, especially if the tools were investments made to last a lifetime – and that lifetime has arrived. Sometimes it can even be emotional, parting with tools that have gotten you through the years and so many finished projects. But as any experienced const Read More →

Professional Construction Tools: 5 Items You Can’t Build Without

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Professional Construction Tools for construction projects

  Advances in tool manufacturing have given construction professionals and motivated individuals more opportunities to construct things. Professional construction tools and equipment breakthroughs have aided construction professionals in increasing efficiency by simplifying tasks. The idea of simplification creates a need for continuous advances in this industry. Although there are an almo Read More →

Construction Tool Security: Protect Your Investment The Right Way

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construction site security

  The professional contractor or construction company owner owns tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of professional construction tools and materials - many of which can be found on their construction sites at any given time. It can get easy to forget to keep track of individual tools on the job site, especially smaller items such as a Framing Nailer, though over time, the re Read More →

Construction Tool Organization Tips & Tricks

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project management tips

  Remote Tool Organization Tips & Tricks Project management and organization are no easy tasks. We understand that contractors and construction project managers spend most of their time on the road, in a work truck. For the professional contractor, their vehicle is not just a way of getting from A to B; it is a place for job management, organization, storage and sometimes, relaxation. Give Read More →

How To Secure and Organize Tools

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How To Secure And Organize Tools

The number of tools contractors and trade professionals transport from job to job can easily number into the hundreds. Every piece of equipment serves a purpose and is inherently valuable. With all that cargo, having a safe, easy way to store and haul all of that precious cargo is a necessity, not to mention required by law. Transporting and securing powered machinery and heavy equipment is a liabili Read More →

5 Safety Equipment Accessories to Keep on Hand

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construction safety accessories

Keeping you and your team safe is never anything to slack on or take for granted. The accidents that can occur within a construction job site - or even at home, using various tools - fill up an endless list. You never know when something will slip or fall or when something hazardous will spill, and most of the times when this occurs, you or someone on your team will most likely be close at hand and within Read More →