Rebar Construction Basics

concrete,Construction Management,Contractor Resources,Rebar| Posted by Admin | October 13, 2015
rebar construction basics

Concrete is a very strong substance on its own, that being said, many companies and at home handy men prefer to reinforce it still. For those that are considering using something to amp up the strength of their concrete, rebar is a wonderful option. What is rebar? Rebar is a strengthened steel bar that has been texturized and molded to fit perfectly with many concrete projects. Why use rebar you might ask Read More →

Concrete Demolition: How to Break up Concrete

concrete,Construction Management,Contractor Resources| Posted by Admin | October 6, 2015
how to break up concrete

Autumn is cool and crisp, the perfect time to get outside and complete overdue work projects before the harsh winter sets in. Often times, this includes breaking up some old concrete so you can build over it, turn it into something else, or just access a utility line beneath. Here’s everything you need to know about how to break up concrete safely and effectively: What You’ll Need Breaking up con Read More →

Understanding Concrete Cutting Safety

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When cutting concrete, there are a variety of safety procedures that you must follow to ensure not only a safe environment, but also efficiency in your concrete cutting project. From understanding the basic tools that are needed for concrete cutting, to cutting techniques, it is essential to approach cutting concrete with precision and safety. Here's a quick look at the types of concrete saws to choos Read More →

5 Lesser-Known Facts About Construction Materials

concrete,Construction Management,Contractor Resources| Posted by Admin | August 11, 2015

When it comes to construction materials, there is tons of information that most people do not know about the components that build our roads, houses and buildings. Here are five little-known facts about construction materials and building supplies that just might change the way that you look at the construction job on the corner. Concrete Concrete is tough, right? It's a little-known fact that co Read More →

5 Lessons for New Contractors

Construction Management,Contractor Resources| Posted by Admin | May 12, 2015

Any new or "young" business faces similar challenges, but for the construction contractor the start-up learning curve can be especially slippery, and even when the curve straightens out, the road can be rocky. Because, in construction, so many different trades are involved, multiple suppliers are necessary, the duration of a single project can be long and the total number of people involved is large -- b Read More →

A Guide to Cutting Concrete

Construction Management,Tools| Posted by Admin | February 25, 2015

  When creating joints in concrete, you want reliable saws and reliable knowledge - generating saw cuts is a science that should be followed specifically in order to reduce cracking, shrinkage and general damage. It is essential to cut concrete after it has developed enough strength to keep it from cracking on the surface - however, cracks can happen internally very easily. This is due to inadequa Read More →

Different Types Of Construction Management Positions and Management Styles

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construction management positions

There are almost as many different management styles as there are construction management companies. What makes a truly successful construction manager is their ability to take from a variety of different management styles and truly make their own blend that works for them and their companies. The Most Common Types Of Modern Construction Modern construction is consistently gaining ground in its comp Read More →