5 Holiday Home Improvement Projects

Uncategorized| Posted by Admin | November 18, 2015

The holidays are approaching and along with thoughts of dancing sugar plums are thoughts of decking the halls with home improvement projects and holiday crafts. With holiday preparation on the agenda, consider home improvement projects that can be completed in a day, weekend, or several days depending on the number of rooms you plan to update. Home Improvement Projects To get started on simple ways Read More →

How to Use Bolt Cutters

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Bolt cutters are a very handy tool but there are tons of safety concerns that come to mind when using this potentially dangerous tool. Knowing what you should do to keep yourself and those around you safe while using bolt cutters can help prevent injury. Here are some tips to follow when using bolt cutters that can make your job easier and safer all around. 1. Make Adjustments Before You Work Bolt c Read More →

Choosing a Portable Gas Generator for Your Next Project

Tools| Posted by Admin | November 3, 2015

Generators are a must for a wide range of projects and knowing just what generator you need can make a huge difference in the success of your overall project and of the ease of your project overall. There are a wide range of generator types out there and knowing a bit about size variation can help you decide just what generator is going to be best for your project. 2000W BN Products Gas Generators A Read More →