Carpentry Projects to Develop Your Skills

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Becoming a seasoned wood worker doesn't have to be a daunting or impossible task. With a few beginner carpentry projects behind you, even those new to DIY can become seasoned veterans in no time at all. Expert carpenters recommend starting with fun and simple projects to build skill and then tackling larger, more intricate carpentry projects from there. With a bit of time and patience anyone can take Read More →

Rebar Construction Basics

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rebar construction basics

Concrete is a very strong substance on its own, that being said, many companies and at home handy men prefer to reinforce it still. For those that are considering using something to amp up the strength of their concrete, rebar is a wonderful option. What is rebar? Rebar is a strengthened steel bar that has been texturized and molded to fit perfectly with many concrete projects. Why use rebar you might ask Read More →

Concrete Demolition: How to Break up Concrete

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how to break up concrete

Autumn is cool and crisp, the perfect time to get outside and complete overdue work projects before the harsh winter sets in. Often times, this includes breaking up some old concrete so you can build over it, turn it into something else, or just access a utility line beneath. Here’s everything you need to know about how to break up concrete safely and effectively: What You’ll Need Breaking up con Read More →