A Contractor’s Guide for Working with Clients

Contractor Resources| Posted by Admin | May 26, 2015

Keeping the lines of communication open between client and contractor is the best way to avoid problems during a job. But how do you assure that the lines of communication remain open in both directions? In addition, how much is too much in terms of the information you share and the details you report to clients? There are some guidelines to help building professionals with client interaction, just as Read More →

5 Carpentry Tips for Professionals

Contractor Resources,Tools| Posted by Admin | May 19, 2015

Whether you're a general contractor or simply a sub-contractor for a bigger company, you might feel like you know everything about getting your building projects done on time and under budget. However, it's always helpful to pick up a few extra tips to make your day to day routine a little safer and easier. Use Power Nailers Are you still relying on hand tools like hammers to finish up framing or h Read More →

5 Lessons for New Contractors

Construction Management,Contractor Resources| Posted by Admin | May 12, 2015

Any new or "young" business faces similar challenges, but for the construction contractor the start-up learning curve can be especially slippery, and even when the curve straightens out, the road can be rocky. Because, in construction, so many different trades are involved, multiple suppliers are necessary, the duration of a single project can be long and the total number of people involved is large -- b Read More →