A Detailed Look at “Green” Concrete

concrete| Posted by Admin | April 28, 2015
green concrete

With concerns about global warming and pollution growing each day, many critics are turning to scrutinize concrete. The longevity of this material makes it a more eco-friendly choice than vinyl compounds and even wood lumber, but it still has a few issues when it comes to affecting the environment while being made. Choosing a "green" concrete product is a smart way to protect water and land from degradati Read More →

How to Texturize Concrete Floors For A Beautiful Look

concrete| Posted by Admin | April 21, 2015
texturize concrete floors

When it comes to durable building materials with plenty of customization options, concrete comes out on top. Aside from all the dyeing and staining options for bringing color to your slab, you can also choose from a variety of texturing options. Textured tops are usually safer because everything from a brushed finish to a stamped brick pattern adds friction to prevent slipping. Design something new f Read More →

The Top 10 Concrete Projects You Need To Try Next

concrete| Posted by Admin | April 14, 2015

  Concrete is a very DIY-friendly material because it's relatively safe to work with, inexpensive, and very adaptable. With some basic equipment and a few bags of pre-mixed material from your local hardware store, you can spend the weekend creating something that lasts for decades. Decorate your yard or improve your home with these ten easy and fun concrete projects. Candle Holders The fire and Read More →