DIY Home Renovation Tips for the Experienced Contractor

Contractor Resources| Posted by Admin | March 31, 2015
home renovation tips

Being a construction professional does not necessarily mean a home renovation project is going to be easy. Oftentimes, it doesn't even mean that the job of replacing a vanity cabinet, installing a wall of bookcases or re-tiling a counter will be something you already know how to do. A specialty contractor does not necessarily have the skills to perform other specialty work. Even general contractors Read More →

The Best Accessories for Construction Contractors

Contractor Resources| Posted by Admin | March 24, 2015

Whether you were recently hired to work on a construction site or are a construction site manager responsible for the safety of your workers, the fact remains that there are some vital types of safety gear that workers must wear at all times while at a construction site. After all, with so much heavy machinery being utilized at construction sites, you can simply never be too safe. Read on to explore a Read More →

Concrete Saw Types and Safety Tips

Tools| Posted by Admin | March 19, 2015
wet concrete saw

Concrete saws are a type of power tool that can be used to cut through even the thickest slabs of concrete. Typically outfitted with a circular blade, these handheld saws are often used in landscaping projects—particularly when cutting pavers to fit the footprint of a patio—and in many forms of construction as well. If you're thinking about buying a concrete saw, there are some things you'll wa Read More →