Concrete Surface Preparation

concrete| Posted by Admin | November 25, 2014
construction surface preparation

A concrete job takes a lot of preparation and understanding. Any professional knows it is not a matter of mixing concrete and pouring. It takes a thorough look at the original surface and an understanding of what the end goal should be. Experienced concrete professionals know the chemistry of concrete and how it should be installed, as well as the different steps it takes to prepare a surface properly. Read More →

Different Types Of Construction Management Positions and Management Styles

Construction Management| Posted by Admin | November 13, 2014
construction management positions

There are almost as many different management styles as there are construction management companies. What makes a truly successful construction manager is their ability to take from a variety of different management styles and truly make their own blend that works for them and their companies. The Most Common Types Of Modern Construction Modern construction is consistently gaining ground in its comp Read More →