Construction Management: Experience, Knowledge, and Leadership

Contractor Resources| Posted by Admin | October 27, 2014

  The job of a construction manager is demanding and challenging. If you are about to enter into the field, you know that your responsibilities will be endless and your voice will serve as one of reason for everyone working beneath you. Situations will occur for which you did not prepare; people you hire will disappoint you, and time will move forward at an alarming pace. First things first: to Read More →

Successful Construction Managers: the Right Career For You

Contractor Resources| Posted by Admin | October 22, 2014

  The end of your educational road is approaching and a career in construction management is the direction you are taking. From knowledge and experience you have gained in college or recent years, you are sure which area of construction you want to join. You may have an interest in building that has developed over many years, or you have been around construction projects from an early age because Read More →