Toolbox Essentials: Hand Tools Everyone Needs To Have

Contractor Resources,Tools| Posted by Admin | September 26, 2014
essential hand tools

Everyone from the hobby handyman at home in his shed to the professional contractor in the construction industry knows that there are those essential hand tools that you just can’t live without. Expanding on one of our previous post on useful hand tools, check out some of our favorite recommendations for your toolbox below. Pliers: We recommend the Benner Nawman “Aussie” Lineman’s Pliers. Th Read More →

Developing Your Construction Management Career

Contractor Resources| Posted by Admin | September 10, 2014
construction management tips

Learning To Deal With Common Challenges Managing people is a difficult process in and of itself. When you throw in construction tools, heavy machinery and equipment, digital technology, deadlines and an ever growing need to improve your own skill set, then the process gets a whole lot tougher. This is what construction managers have been trying to master for lifetimes. With each new technological revol Read More →