How To Prepare A Winning Bid

Contractor Resources,Tools| Posted by Admin | April 22, 2014
prepare a winning bid

  At the heart of your construction company’s success is the ability to win the job. The competition in this industry is fierce, to say the least, which is a constant struggle for project managers. While experience, pricing and client testimonials can certainly bolster your chances of landing the client, a lot of characteristics separate the winning bids from the losers. Develop a sound bidding Read More →

How To Secure and Organize Tools

Contractor Resources,Safety,Tools| Posted by Admin | April 9, 2014
How To Secure And Organize Tools

The number of tools contractors and trade professionals transport from job to job can easily number into the hundreds. Every piece of equipment serves a purpose and is inherently valuable. With all that cargo, having a safe, easy way to store and haul all of that precious cargo is a necessity, not to mention required by law. Transporting and securing powered machinery and heavy equipment is a liabili Read More →