Why Buy a Rebar Cutter?

concrete,Rebar,Tools| Posted by admin | February 29, 2012

Why buy a rebar cutter?   First question is; what size and strength of rebar will you be cutting?  By size of rebar I am not referring to the length of the bar, but to the diameter of it.  How thick is it?  Most rebar has a number stamped on it.  This number is the millimeters of diameter of the rebar.  We want to convert this number to inches.  To do that just take the number and divide Read More →

Is your rebar tier “bird nesting”?

Rebar,Tools| Posted by admin | February 8, 2012

Using a rebar tying machine is a huge time saver, but if you don't know how to easily fix some common problems it can eat up all of your time and money saved.  The most common issue we get questions about is something called "bird nesting".  This is when the machine just spits out wire without tying or cutting the wire. Check out the link below for a step by step guide to fixing "bird nesting" BNT Read More →